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Accounts Payable: Kevin Bibeau

Accounts Receivable: Eric Coppola

Contractor Services: John Garth

General Information: Mark Baker

Voice: 978.356.4387

Get Your Building Materials and Hardware in Ipswich

Are you looking for building materials and hardware in Ipswich? Discover the Tedford’s difference.

When it comes to building materials and hardware in Ipswich, our friendly, knowledgeable team at Tedford’s will ensure you have the products and service you need. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner working on your next project, you can trust our store to set you up for success.

Our team strives to be as available and accessible as possible, so we are there when you need us most. We live in the real world and know you have real world challenges, which is why we make it our responsibility to ensure you have the services and products you need from your hometown lumberyard and hardware store.

Tedford’s Does It Differently than the Big Box Stores

 We know you have options for purchasing your building materials and hardware in Ipswich. However, time and time again the locals from this town and the surrounding communities turn to Tedford’s Building Materials and Hardware, because they want a superior retail experience. Here, you have the kind of experience that helps you to do the best job possible on your next project with less hassle and run-around.

We take our service steps beyond the norm in our industry. For example:

  • We are the kind of business that opens the store in the middle of a storm, so you can come in to get shovels, salt, whatever you need to keep your family safe.
  • We are the kind of business that does more than just point you in the direction of the product you need; we walk you over there and ensure you find what you are seeking.
  • We are the kind of business that offers premium products—nothing mediocre that you must weed through to get to the good stuff.
  • We are the kind of business that will offer expert building advice, DIY project assistance, and research to get the hard-to-find items you need.
  • We are the kind of business that specializes in the extras like delivery, materials estimates, and custom ordering.


What can we help you with today? Stop in to visit our store, or get in touch with us about the best building materials and hardware in Ipswich: