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Discover the Siding Products to Enhance and Protect Homes in Ipswich

What are your best options when it comes to siding for homes in Ipswich?

When Massachusetts weather strikes, it really strikes, which is why the siding products you use for your Ipswich home are so important. Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, you can likely agree that it’s a bad idea to leave your home vulnerable to the elements after spending so much time, energy, and money building or remodeling it.

This is why not just any siding will do. You want the best of the best to protect your home and investment. The good news is Ted’s Building Supplies & Hardware will be there to provide you with the premium siding selection you need to make the best choice for your home in Ipswich.

What Do the Top Contractors Want in a Siding Product?

We’ve worked closely with hundreds of expert contractors over the years, and we’ve found there are a few characteristics that make a siding product ideal. These include:

  • Durability
  • Beauty—a clean, high end look
  • High quality finishes in a variety of colors
  • Genuine wood siding options
  • Ability to withstand the inclement weather we often experience in Ipswich—storms, hurricanes, snowstorms, and even UV rays that can negatively impact your home’s exterior.

At Tedford’s, we are pleased that all of the brands we offer meet these ideal characteristics. You will enjoy taking a look at our premium lines of siding from both True Value brands and the top national brands, including these favorites:

  • Maibec Cedar Shingles: white cedar shingles are harvested from an eco-friendly forest and are available in three styles—premium, select, and rustic.
  • James Hardie Cement Board: engineered for climate, this siding is fire-resistant, waterproof and is designed to withstand harsh elements, while maintaining a beautiful appearance with excellent resale value; the fiber cement siding is available in a wood grain finish, stucco-look, or a smooth plank style that resembles vinyl.

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What are your best options when it comes to siding for homes in Ipswich? Find out now.